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Rangers win season opener as Hurricanes peter out

October 10, 2002
Rangers win season opener as Hurricanes peter out

The Rangers handily defeated the Carolina Hurricanes 4-1 last night, with Mark Messier and Petr Nedved each picking up a pair of goals. From the action we saw (we changed channels to watch The West Wing), the Rangers looked pretty good, killing either 9 or 10 powerplays and actually netting one powerplay goal, themselves.

Richter looked especially sharp, and Jamie Lundmark seemed to get a decent amount of ice time.

The Hurricanes were particularly undisciplined in the third period, seeming to be short-handed for much of it.

All in all, an excellent start to the season. Pavel Bure was scratched due to the flu, not his knee. Next up, Montreal comes to town on Friday night for the home opener.

4 Responses to Rangers win season opener as Hurricanes peter out

  • as a long-time Ranger fan, i must remind you that the Rangers often start out great and then start sucking by mid-season…i love my Rangers, but their faults are well known…i’m glad they had a good start though…i’m just hoping they can keep it up…
    (and by long-time, i mean back when Vanbiesbrouck (sp?) was goalie and before Richter was acquired)

  • Oh, I know, but for once, I actually feel good in ways I haven’t with the false starts of before. Remember a few years back when we opened with something like four ties in a row? I knew it was too good to be true.

    We need Lindros healthy, Bure committed, Leetch not flaking out (along with the rest of the D) and Richter and Blackburn performing as we know they can.

  • yes, i agree the Rangers need all that and then some…the problem, as i see it (and this is a very humble opinion [IMVHO]), has always been the coaching staff versus the management…it’s not the players, look at who they have!! the Rangers have an amazing lineup if you look at the stats, but wtf? there is no delineation of where the true leadership lies…the team usually acts like they have their heads up their arses b/c they don’t know who to turn to…i think until they “solve” this problem, we’re gonna keep having the same “great start, weak finish” type seasons…but again, this is all just my opinion…:-)

  • This is the same Ranger team I’ve watched since the early 70’s. There are seasons that are aberrations — 93-94, for instance — but one becomes philosophical about it.

    It gets worse for me when I add in that I was a long-time Red Sox fan . . .