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Robert Byrd — Defender of the Republic

October 10, 2002
Robert Byrd — Defender of the Republic

You’ll need a Times login to read this, but I can’t recommend it enough. Senator Byrd (D – West Virginia) is one of the few voices in the wilderness daring to stand up to the President and his band of Chickenhawks; he seems to be one of the few who gets it when it comes to this Congressional resolution and its implications.

If there is but one article you read this week, I strongly suggest you read this one.

Congress Must Resist the Rush to War

We are at the gravest of moments. Members of Congress must not simply walk away from their Constitutional responsibilities. We are the directly elected representatives of the American people, and the American people expect us to carry out our duty, not simply hand it off to this or any other president. To do so would be to fail the people we represent and to fall woefully short of our sworn oath to support and defend the Constitution.

We may not always be able to avoid war, particularly if it is thrust upon us, but Congress must not attempt to give away the authority to determine when war is to be declared. We must not allow any president to unleash the dogs of war at his own discretion and for an unlimited period of time.

Yet that is what we are being asked to do. The judgment of history will not be kind to us if we take this step.

6 Responses to Robert Byrd — Defender of the Republic

  • Maybe the letter from the CIA will dampen their spirits. A senior intelligence official concludes that the risk is not great and that war will actually make the world less safe for Americans. What is happening here? I am beginning to believe that George W. Bush fancies himself an Angel of the Apocalypse when he is actually an Antichrist.

  • LOL. When your champion is a wrinkly old Klansman who’s best known for being the master of pork-barrel politics, it’s over for your side. I think David Duke is sympathetic to your cause as well! See ya in Baghdad. By then you’ll be crying about some other idiotic cause.

  • So impressive, hiding behind a pseudonym like MoFo.

    Nice boy. Go play tiddly-winks with manhole covers, okay, Spot?

  • Like how you “edited” my response with the graphic. What’s next, photoshopping my likeness into a picture with Mugabe? Also, I didn’t see your criticism of “Emperor Norton’s” psuedonym. No problem with someone who aspires to be head of an Empire? Guess it’s only a problem when someone disagrees with you. Nice tactics. Your intellectual godfather, Lenin, would be proud.

  • “Emperor Norton” leaves the URL to his real site. You’re too cowardly to leave a real email address, name, or Web site to which we can track you back. Nice try, but you lose. Thanks for playing.

  • Oh, I have no problem with people who disagree with me; it’s the idiotarians like yourself who hide behind such endearing names as MoFo that make me realize that the Right is dooming this country.

    Now why don’t you go and enlist in the army like a good little brainless wonder, so you can be there when the Shrub sends our troops in to get killed.