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If I were a rock star

October 11, 2002
If I were a rock star

There’s this link that several bloggers have had up lately (Solonor, Norm, others) that is fun. It’s called warbot and it allows you to create mock-warblogger attacks (or fisking) on your supposed comments against the Administration.

Solonor, however, also discovered that there’s a place on it that creates mock record reviews of your work. I played a bit with it until I got the bit listed under macduff. The link is Robot Rock Critic.



His lyrics about conformity (“On These Streets”) and pretending to be a pirate (“Gravity’s to Blame”) reach a new level of Beatle-esque and exhilarating psychedelia.

It’s his most powerful outing in quite a while. Every chord change on Scott xxx’s single “I Gave My Heart To Goofy Once, But Goofy Gave It Back” will break your heart. This music is introspective and post-rock.

Somebody stop me! The most audacious cut is the 15-minute prog-rock epic, “Spandex Woman.” It’s the best thing I’ve heard since 1987. What’s unbelievable is how visionary his trademark bluesy guitar work has gotten.


Our readers respond

Dear Robot,

Glad to see Scott finally getting some well-deserved praise. I listen to Euromantique every day. Keep up the good work.

— Scott xxx fan

3 Responses to If I were a rock star

  • I like the review of Wandering Haggis:

    Wandering Haggis
    …but seriously
    1997 (3-1/2 stars)

    “For the Love of Rock” won’t win any Grammies this year. The masters of introspective pop sensibility are back. Some things never change.

    How many bands have reinvented themselves as successfully as Wandering Haggis? What a long, strange trip it’s been for Wandering Haggis. The lyrics are darker and more introspective than on earlier releases. On its major-label debut, Wandering Haggis demonstrates an affinity for tuneful guitar work. A Bar Mitzvah-like smorgasboard of sounds is offered up here, from the hushed “Return to My Roots” to the falsetto rock of “Spacewalk.”

    It’s a long, strange trip, but it’s one worth taking.

    “A Bar Mitzvah-like smorgasbord…” I love it! 🙂

  • Yeah, I saw that one a few times. It’s a real gas!

    Wandering Haggis . . . hehehe. Those were the days. We had a couple of gigs, one at an all-day outdoor folk festival that was a blast. We had a moderately famous female folk singer (for the life of me I can’t recall her name) come on after us and she loved one of our songs.

    Ahh, those were the days.

  • Oh, I should note that this was a four star review, Solonor. 🙂