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Rangers lose home opener to Montreal, 4-1

October 11, 2002
Rangers lose home opener to Montreal, 4-1

With the exception of the Holik line (with Mikael Samuelsson and Matthew Barnaby), the Rangers fell asleep for two periods tonight. Mike Richter did all he could, but a lucky bounce and a well-positioned Joey Juneau saw them fall to Les Habitants, 4-1. Kasparaitis looked decent enough, but Lefebvre looked lost at times to me. The Rangers need to find a way to get Kloucek back up from Hartford and into the lineup to help bolster the defense.

In two games, their penalty-killing is excellent, combining for something like 14-15 kills. The powerplay, on the other hand, is missing Pavel Bure, out until Tuesday at the earliest with strep throat. They’ve notched only 1 goal on about 10 chances so far in two games; with the refs calling a lot more in the way of interference penalties this season, special teams will be the key.

The Broadway Blueshirts are in Pittsburgh tomorrow night, with Danny Blackburn getting his first shot in goal for the season.

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