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Rangers frozen out by Penguins, 6-0

October 13, 2002
Rangers frozen out by Penguins, 6-0

The Rangers continued their horrible play last night, losing 6-0 to the Pittsburgh Penguins. Listless play, except for the Holik/Barnaby/Samuelsson line, and a poor showing by Mike Richter found the team in desperate straights only three games into the 82 game season.

For starters, Eric Lindros was suspended for one game due to a stick infraction in Friday night’s game against Montreal. Then, in warm-ups, Dan Blackburn, who was supposed to be the starting goalie, somehow dislocated his ring finger, resulting in Mike Richter having to get the start. This also meant that Richter couldn’t be pulled after allowing three goals in the first 3:05 of the game — two of them 15 seconds apart.

Richard Lintner saw his Ranger debut on defense, and I’m unclear on whether or not he was injured in the game, as a bad hit saw him go down, but we changed channels to watch Trading Spaces due to our disgust and didn’t see if he returned to the ice.

Next up is Toronto at the Garden on Tuesday. Lindros will be back and I don’t know about Bure, who is still fighting his strep throat. I expect Trottier and company to kick some ass over the next few days and bring these high-priced panty-waists back under control. Having played only four good periods out of twelve so far, the Rangers already have a goal differential of -6 — they’ve scored only five and have allowed eleven goals. This is not how you find your way back into the playoffs, people. Defense, defense, defense!

4 Responses to Rangers frozen out by Penguins, 6-0

  • It was pretty ugly. I’m getting ready for year 6.

  • Yeah, isn’t it embarassing when the expansion Minnesota Wild have more points than the long time established Rangers?

    yeah, yeah, I knowit’s early. But since this is the only time this season I will be able to say the above, I have to do it while I can.

  • Yeah, it’s embarrassing. It’ll change, I hope, once Lindros and Bure are teamed up again.

  • You never know, Steve. You might be able to say that all season long.

    Hey, what’s with the Pizzaria Uno uniforms that Wild team wears? Really, the colors are awful. And offal.