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High-tech weaponry

October 14, 2002
High-tech weaponry

I’m not sure how I feel about this site; basically, they’re selling plans to high-tech weaponry for cheap prices. I’m not sure if the actual weapons work as advertised, but things like that flamethrower, the concussion gun, and the rockets sort of worry me that they’re available for such a cheap price.

Future Horizons inc: Space-Age Weapons

Link grabbed from Bruce Sterling.

2 Responses to High-tech weaponry

  • So who cares if people want access to these sorts of things they should have the rights.
    i know theirs the threat of terrorist attack but these things are mostly none lethal.
    “freedom is ours, STOP TRASHING OUR RIGHTS”

  • What a great comment, “Shithead@hotmail.com.”

    Proud of that little witticism?