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Some days should never happen

October 15, 2002
Some days should never happen

Kim and I received a phone call at 4:00 AM today; we didn’t make it to the phone in time, but Kim saw the number and recognized it as calling from Maryland.

There was voicemail when I checked from my sister, Diane, with horrible news.

My dad had a massive heart attack in the middle of the night. At the time, mom thought dad was dead, but EMTs were on the scene. I called Diane back immediately and talked quickly, as we didn’t want to keep the phone tied up. Diane was shaking and so was I. Dad’s 75, and while not in the best of health, was doing okay.

After I got off the phone, Kim and I then sat up for the next hour, at which point I was due to get up for work, anyway. We didn’t hear anything more from Diane, so I got showered and headed into work as always. Anything to keep busy.

Kim called around 7:30 to let me know that dad was alive, but on machines in the ER and that the prognosis didn’t sound too good. Diane is heading down there around noon, to help out in any way.

So, we wait and see what happens. Any positive energy that folks might have to spare, please send it down to Deland, Florida, for Ray xxx.

To add to matters, my folks were coming up this weekend to stay in Manhattan for a holiday. It would have been the first time we saw them since my brother’s wedding, three years ago. Now? We wait and hope and pray to the gods that he pulls through.

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