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Michael Palin’s new website

October 18, 2002
Michael Palin’s new website

Anyone who is a fan of Monty Python has likely watched Michael Palin’s wonderful travelogues, which include Around the World in 80 Days, Pole to Pole, Full Circle, and the forthcoming (!) Sahara.

Now, there’s an official website for folks who are fans of these works: Palin’s Travels.

I didn’t know about Hemingway Adventure (or I heard of it, but didn’t know when or where it was on) or Great Railway Journeys, so this is a site to bookmark if you’re a fan of his.

I found this via Solonor’s Ink Well, which is always a fun site to read, folks.

3 Responses to Michael Palin’s new website

  • I’m hoping that Michael gets a chance to read this, responding to it would be too cool for words.

    Michael, finding out that you are a Hemingway fan was an unexpected, delightful surprise. It was just like finding out that The Beatles were Python fans.

    You see, I am a huge fan of Python and the entire Palin body of work and also a huge Hemingway buff.

    I was impressed by your travel series and accompanying book and have just received your novel as a gift. (that’s a good wife)

    Please know America is filled with Palin fans, we’re not all idiots, and I’m here in Chicago, quietly cheering for you and waiting on your next project.

    Cheers, Dave.

  • Dave, you seem like a nice guy. And a bright guy, to boot. So I’m wondering how you could think that Michael Palin has anything to do with this site when all this is is a link to his site, dated almost 3 years ago, no less.

  • I grew up with Montey Python which used to fill the household with tears of laughter. Michael Palin is a genious keep up the good work Michael