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October 22, 2002

“The definition of a patriot in the face of the evil done to America is to serve something greater than yourself in life, is to help somebody in need, is to love a person one at a time, as we remember that — which I know we will.”

— President Shrub, Manchester, New Hampshire, Oct. 5, 2002

Found at DubyaSpeak.com.

Anyone have any idea what he’s babbling on about?

3 Responses to Shrubbisms

  • It seems that one of his problems is run-on sentences. He should have stopped while he was ahead at the ‘help someone in need’. The rest of that quote just loses focus and goes off the deep end.

  • Political satire and lampooning are perfectly valid ways of making a statement.

  • You seem to focus on my barbs at the way he speaks — it’s not his accent, but his butchering of the language. The man is lazy when it comes to speaking. It’s been suspected for years that he has a learning disorder; this would explain why his mother was such a champion of children with learning disorders when Poppy was in office.

    You stated:
    I know you’re not going to stop, however, but it just irks me because you could be making so much more intelligent, relevant, cogent arguments for his inability to be leader of the free world.

    Have you leafed through my category over on the right labeled The Shrub? Or perhaps the one labeled Police State? Or Republican Shit?

    You’ll see tons of stuff that fits what you think I should be writing. That the man brutalizes the language is just another crime for which he needs to brought to justice.