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A milestone at the Gamer’s Nook

October 23, 2002
A milestone at the Gamer’s Nook

Tonight I passed my 500th comment on Moveable Type. That’s a lot more comments than I realized I had until I blinked at the number last night. We transferred the Nook over to MT back on August 25th, after spending about four months on BlogWorks (which I have no idea regarding the number of comments posted).

The lucky person who posted #500?

Amanda, from Painted-Turtle. She made the remark in regards to this post. By the way — love the Halloween look on the site, Amanda — especially the pumpkin dividers!

Here’s to the next 500! For the record, this was post #230, according to MT’s built-in counter in the editor. Geez, I spew a lot of nonsense!