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Can someone please explain to me . . .

October 26, 2002
Can someone please explain to me . . .

. . . why the Toronto arena plays 1970’s era television themes during hockey games? We heard The Jeffersons, Welcome Back, Kotter, and The Rockford Files during tonight’s Rangers-Leafs game. Here in NYC, we get music like The Ramones, AC-DC, and other music to boil the blood.

Next thing you know, they’ll be playing Anne Murray music up above the border in the Great White North.

I remember back in the 80’s, when the song played in Edmonton any time they scored a goal was Still the One. You know that one, the horrible 70’s era song by Orleans?

Maybe it was this lyric that got their attention in Edmonton:

You’re still the one — that I love to touch
Still the one — and I can’t get enough
We’re still having fun, and you’re still the one

Hmm. I’m not sure that hockey players would appreciate the sentiment. I can’t imagine Dave “Cement Head” Semenko getting his emotions stoked by hearing this stanza:

You’re still the one — I want to talk to in bed
Still the one — that turns my head
We’re still having fun, and you’re still the one

I won’t even mention the polkas we hear played in arenas up north.

It must be a Canadian thing.

4 Responses to Can someone please explain to me . . .

  • Not so much, on the polkas. I’ve heard that bunny hop one at the Garden. Unfortunately.

  • Well you know I’m not the hockey fan in the family, Scott, but I’ll take a stab at your question. I’d guess the 70’s music is intended to appeal to the average Leaf’s fan – 40ish, nostalgic, guy. Either that or there’s some guy in a back room somewhere who’s in charge of music and he hasn’t come out since 1970. Oh wait … they moved buildings, didn’t they 😉 Scratch that theory.

    On second thought … I’ll ask Rick.

  • Probably has to do with royalties, if they played contemporary music/theme songs, they’d probably have to pay for the rights. 😛

  • Nah, that’s not it, Jeff. I’m sure they pay royalties, anyway. Remember, they’ve done this all along, not just recently!