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Michael Moore on beating the GOP

October 27, 2002
Michael Moore on beating the GOP

From Moore’s website: Bowling for Columbine : Get Involved : Beat the GOP

The Republicans as usual, have screwed everything up, only this time they’ve been more brazen, arrogant and greedy than usual. Widespread corporate corruption, Cheney’s secretive energy plan, a $1.6 trillion tax cut, a crumbling economy, increases in unemployment, a return to a national deficit, the destruction of civil liberties, war without end… the list goes on and on. You’d think all this would be enough to spell the end of the Republican Party’s rule in Washington, but then you remember the opposition: the Democrats.

You may recall that Moore campaigned heavily for Nader in 2000; to me, he definitely seems to regret it now, given how much the country has fallen in less than two years. Yes, he still supports the Green Party, but now that I’m buried in Stupid White Men, I can feel his frustration regarding the Democrats and understand where he was coming from in regards to Nader.

Unfortunately, we need the Dems in power more than the Greens at the current time.

Thanks to Lazarus over at Ungodly Politics for the link.