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A new anti-war blog

October 30, 2002
A new anti-war blog

From some of the best writers out there who are decrying the march to war comes a new group blog called No War Blog. Brainchild of Max Sawicky, creator of MaxSpeak, you’ll find a number of leading pundits writing about the war.

Here’s an excerpt of a post by Tom Tomorrow:

It’s also worth noting that Ahmed Chalabi, the “silk-suited, Rolex-wearing” London-based leader of the Iraqi National Congress–and Paul Wolfowitz and Richard Perle’s puppet-leader-of-choice for a conquered Iraq–is not only busily drawing up plans to parcel out Iraq’s oil to U.S. multinationals, but is also “spinning scenarios about dismantling Saudi Arabia, seizing its oil and collapsing the Organization of the Petroleum Exporting Countries (OPEC).” (The American Prospect has a long article on this guy, and it’s well worth reading.)

It’s nice to imagine that this buildup to war is motivated by nothing other than our concern for the Kurdish people, just like it’s nice to imagine that our little intervention in Afghanistan was about nothing more than our concern for the poor oppressed women of that country–especially given that our stated goals, destroying al Qaeda and capturing Osama bin Laden, were not realized. But in the case of Afghanistan, even if your recollection of recent history is so fundamentally shaky that you are able to accept the revisionist version of events at face value, things aren’t looking so good.

This just became one of my must-reads.

4 Responses to A new anti-war blog

  • May Islam come to your doorstep like
    it has for Mr. Salamon Rushdie.
    Your goof life and the freedom
    you enjoy was bought by the blood
    of others that would be ashamed that
    they died for a gook like youblood and
    you have no guts.
    Hate AMERIKA and die fool.

  • Wow. That was perhaps the most illiterate attempt at being a blogroach I’ve seen. Keep on truckin’.

  • Now that’s such an informative post! Thanks, Mr. Brownshirt!

  • Would anyone care to dicuss how the chemical and bio weapons ended up in Iraq and other unstable countries in the first place?

    Corporations from the US, Britain, France and Germany, with the blessings of their governments, supplied most of the weapons we are now attempting to repossess – supplied them by the ton even years after it was more than apparent they were dealing with a madman. The UN and these same countries agreed years ago not to pursue or name the corporations when it became evident we had created a global problem. However, simple searches on the internet will provide you with their names or you can check with the Gulf War vets that are now suing these providers of WMD.

    There will be facilities and WMD found in Iraq and this will be covered by the media extensively in order to justify our position for war. What we will not hear is who was actually behind the construction of these same facilities or who provided them with the chem/bio materials and resources.

    It is greatly disturbing that the very same politicians who promoted and ok’d the sale of these weapons are the same Reagon/Bush era “leaders” who now need a war to remove them.

    Only one news channel, ABC, carried a small blub of information some time ago on these facts. Although the information is there for anyone to find on the internet through a simple search using “Senate Banking chemicals sold Iraq” or even “germany news chemicals sold Iraq” – no one seems to know or to care – especially not the corporate media. It makes one wonder if this is part of the reason that Bush, Jr. just sealed the last 20 years of presidential and advisor records.

    This maddness will continue and the world will stay at risk until the real “traitors” are brought to justice. The war is not only a continuation of Reagon/Bush and Republican think tank policies regarding control of oil but a result of greed shared by them and their corporate supporters and beneficiaries.

    As troops now locate the stores of WDM and the facilities in Iraq, let’s not forget to ask who supplied them and hold the media accountable for full reporting. We should hold the present administration accountable as well, along with all Republicans who follow the leader like lemmings and cry traitor at any who dare ask a question, want to avoid war or simply want to preserve our freedoms in spite of Patriot Act I or II.

    Let’s not forget to check the credentials of the corporations who will reap the 150 billion dollar reward for reconstruction. I think we will find, if one can wade through the subsidiaries and red tape, that many of the same corporations will again resurface under “assumed names” to reap once again the spoils of war.

    We and the world at large were sold out by corporate sales of death, including those by Reagan/Bush and the “new” administration. Thanks to them, and several other countries, there are now enough chemcial weapons in the hands of madmen to kill the entire population of the world four time over.

    Now it’s time to pay the piper.

    May God have mercy on all our children.