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The Head of Caesar’s Enemy

October 30, 2002
The Head of Caesar’s Enemy

So this package appears at our doorstep today, with a letter inside addressed to Caesar. It goes on about delivering unto Caesar the head of his enemy, and is signed, “Octavius.”

Inside, all wrapped up, is a Bush mask.

Also, a little pumpkin labeled “brains.”

And a magazine about Homeland Security.

It was hysterical, unwrapping each piece after reading the letter and getting such a laugh from it; it was beautifully done. Kim wanted to put the mask on but found she just couldn’t do it . . . I haven’t worked up the nerve, just yet . . . we’ll get photos, when I do.

For the record, Jeff, my old friend who posts here, was the one who sent the package. A twisted sense of humor, for sure, which is partly why we’ve been friends for the past decade. Thanks, Jeff!

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