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Wednesday’s Big Picture 1.06

October 30, 2002
Wednesday’s Big Picture 1.06

Welcome friends, to Wednesday’s Big Picture 1.06! I’m sorry there hasn’t been an entry for the past few weeks, but offline situations sort of precluded it. I’m back and things will continue apace with only occasional interruptions from now on.

The rules are simple: I post a few pictures and you post the captions for each of them.

Here’s a link to the last edition for those who haven’t played along before. Fans of Dennis Miller’s show on HBO will be quite familiar with this idea.

So without further ado, let’s proceed!

I want to see the foot that fits this one:

A new sport?

As always, one of the Shrub:

Have at ’em, folks!

5 Responses to Wednesday’s Big Picture 1.06

  • #1: Phase 1 of the WallStreetBot complete, but “Operation Pinstripe” still had a long way to go.

    #2: Little do most people realize that the Fashion Police are not only real, but quite active.

    #3: The President was ready for questions about Iraq, questions about Al Qaeda, even questions about the economy. When asked, “Did I just see you walk into a door?”, however, he was left unprepared.

  • 1. Local populace attempts to get Godzilla to dress in anything but business casual for a change.
    2. Let’s watch the replay of that nice open field tackle!
    3. Is this my “sincere” look? Maybe it’s my “compassionate” look. Or is it my “thoughtful” look? Damn, where’s Ari with the cue cards when you need him?

  • 1. You idiots! Mr. Sullivan said he wanted a really big show.

    2. The razor-back T-back mascot just never gained backing of the fans.

    (or: Ouch! You’re hurting me!. I thought this was the Blue-Gay game…)

    3. Mr. Blair, I’m still holding my breath.

  • 1. The town’s beloved shoemaker was laid to rest today. . .

    2. The annual State Police Skins/Shirts game always draws a big crowd.
    (or: At every chance, the stadium police look for new entries to http://www.ihumpthings.com)

    3. I can’t beat Geoffrey’s #3. . . see above.

  • Keep ’em coming, all!