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Gore quote

November 2, 2002
Gore quote

Gore was in Maryland on Thursday, and had some amusing quotes while on the stump with gubernatorial candidate Kathleen Townsend.

The former vice president worked the crowd with a series of self-deprecating jokes about life after his run for the presidency ended when the Supreme Court ended the standoff with George W. Bush over miscast votes in Florida.

He quipped that he was the first one laid off in the recent economic downturn and joked about how he used to fly on Air Force Two and now he has to take his shoes off to get on a plane. He also posed a question for political science students in the crowd.

“Here in Maryland, does the candidate who gets the most votes actually win?” he asked.

Gotta love that last one.

Unfortunately, Townsend made a gaffe at the speech, when she mistakenly referred to Bowie State University as Coppin State University. Oops . . .

The whole piece can be found here: Baltmore Sun — Gore lends support to Townsend candidacy