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Trading Spaces: Doug blows up!

November 4, 2002
Trading Spaces: Doug blows up!

Who saw this weekend’s new episode of Trading Spaces, where Doug finally had it with some home owners? They were arguing with him about every single item he wanted to change, from color to the floor.

He walked away and on the first day, refused to go back, using a taped message on Paige’s cam to communicate with them, instead.

Kim always says, and I concur — if you hate the paint, so what? You can always paint it again. Big whoop. Yes, Doug is known for not taking people’s thoughts into consideration, but that’s part of his hook for the show. Hildi is even worse — just remember that you could end up with straw on the walls, especially if you have kids!

Doug ended the episode warning folks in the future who work with him not to be as antagonistic as these folks were, since he won’t be listening.

All in all, for laugh-out-loud moments, this episode ranks up there as on eof the best, considering how Doug was trying get them on-board with the floor change, going so far as to test the people who actually owned the home about change.

We hated the couple, by the way, who were giving him a hard time. A quick check at the office with my co-worker who also watches the show finds her in agreement with us. She said, “Could you believe those idiots?”

Yes, I’m a dork, and I love this show.

6 Responses to Trading Spaces: Doug blows up!

  • I still have nightmares about the room that he changed that made the owners cry. They only had one request, don’t screw with the fireplace. I must say that I dispised Doug’s attitude and his designs normally.

    Hildy is just as bad. Remember the hot pink sofas that she left out in the rain?

    Give me Frank, Vern, or Gen any day of the friggin’ week.

  • I’d say we’re in agreement. Add Edward, the new guy, to that list of those you wouldn’t mind, and I’d be happy.

    Frank is borderline — he’s a bit too country for my liking, but for a kid’s room, he’s the absolute best.

  • I don’t watch Trading Spaces so much as the BBC equivalent: Changing Rooms. I love it! (But Venita is an actual addict…)

  • We haven’t seen the British version. I’m fond enough of the US version, though, to not concern myself. 🙂

    I will say that we’re both glad that one of the local PBS channels has started running CHEF! again.

  • Scott, I almost posted about this yesterday too! It was hilarious. And Hildy really was no better. What I couldn’t get over was at the end when the couple who have Doug such a hard time loved the HIDEOUS Tiffany room with graffitti. Although the white lights were pretty cool. I thought Doug’s room was pretty plain for him actually.

    Vern is my FAVORITE!!!!!!! And I like Frank too. He did a good job with the kid’s room that used to be a garage.

    Alright – I am totally addicted.

  • I know, Amanda! The bed linens looked fine in the Tiffany room, but the walls? I’d be painting them right over. We couldn’t believe she liked it.

    I pity the people working with Doug in the future . . .