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Movie Review: A Beautiful Mind

November 10, 2002
Movie Review: A Beautiful Mind

Since we were so disgusted with the Rangers’ play last night, we put in Ron Howard’s brilliant film, A Beautiful Mind for our evening’s entertainment. This film won a number of Oscars this year, including Best Director, for Opie; Best Supporting Actress, for Jennifer Connelley; and Best Picture.

Let me just say that all of those Oscars were deserved, and this is coming from someone who felt The Lord of the Rings was screwed.

However, one of the most important Oscars was wrongly given to Denzel Washington. Russell Crowe continues to show why he is one of the best actors in films. He brought the role of John Nash to life in such amazing detail that I forgot it was Crowe. This truly is a tour de force performance, and I can’t recommend this film highly enough to people.

Ron Howard was faced with a monumental task in the direction of this film: how do you make math and cryptography interesting? By nature, these processes are internal, yet he succeeded in this task with brilliance. The scenes where you see Nash lose himself in cryptography are breathtaking, something I didn’t think possible.

(As an aside, I hope that if and when Neal Stephenson’s Cryptonomicon is filmed, it gets the same loving treatment as this film received.)

On the scale of 1-5, this film rates a 5. You won’t be sorry you watched this film.

5 Responses to Movie Review: A Beautiful Mind

  • You are so wrong…Denzel was amazing in Training Day (we just wateched it again at home last week, and you can’t take your eyes off him for the entire film…). I’ve never credited folks who blew that off as Hollywood racial ‘sensitivity’; he was just amazingly damn good.

    Crowe was awfully good in Beautiful Mind (not as good as L.A. Confidential, I think)…but this was a fair call…


  • Well, I’ve been ranting about Denzel’s Oscar without seeing the performance. Yes, I know, I shouldn’t, but after seeing A Beautiful Mind, I can’t imagine any performance topping it.

  • Hi Scott. I found your blog through your wife’s. Nice layout! 🙂

    A Beautiful Mind was one of the BEST movies I have ever seen!

    SPOILER ALERT (if someone readign this hasn’t seen this movie don’t read the rest of my comment!!)

    The part where his wife goes to the little shack and finds all the clippings on the walls was probably one of the most amazing scenes I’ve ever seen. It gives me chills even just REMEMBERING it!

    I didn’t see Denzel’s movie but I can’t imagine his performance being better than Russell Crowe’s!

  • There were two scenes that blew me away — the first time he goes to the Pentagon and analyzes the numbers, and then the time he’s surrounded by all of the magazines and papers and you see items glowing and coming together as he breaks the codes.

    Stunning stuff.

  • Yeah! Those two scenes just amazed me…but the scene of his breakdown is where Crowe really stood up and acted his ass off.

    I did like ‘Beautiful Mind’ a bunch; but believe me, go see Training Day and be prepared to be amazed. It’s brutal, a little cliched in story, but Denzel and whoosis (Ethan Hawke?) are pitch-perfect the whole way.

    Rent it this weekend…