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The Sopranos — spoiler talk for 11/10/02 episode

November 10, 2002
The Sopranos — spoiler talk for 11/10/02 episode

Oh. My. God.

I can’t believe that Tony killed Ralphie, and the way the whole thing played out. I’ve been feeling lately that they might be building to something, what with Tony now dating Valentina, but I sure as hell didn’t expect this.

I forget — frequently — that Tony is prone to extreme violence. So when they hit you with it, it’s incredibly disconcerting. When he was driving the backhoe, he was practically giggling with glee as he backed it up (before they rounded the corner to start digging the hole for the head).

Unbelievable, plain and simple. Next week looks like there’s going to be the beginnings, perhaps, of an inter-family war, but then, with the way they tease you with the trailers, nothing is ever what you expect.

Also, who here thinks Uncle Junior isn’t faking all of it? It seemed pretty apparent at the end, when he came in from looking for his paper.

7 Responses to The Sopranos — spoiler talk for 11/10/02 episode

  • Ooh…my jaw was on the floor for the entire hour. And Junior…remember when they were practicing with the questions before his competency hearing and Tony asked him what his name was? Junior couldn’t remember. He wasn’t faking it.

  • Hmm. I hadn’t thought about that particular scene, but I think you’re right. The ending sequence with the next door neighbor was definitely real, unless Junior is playing a game on everyone.

  • Yep, I think it was definitely real when he went next door and asked for ice cream.

    The thing with Ralphie was what floored me, though. I did not see that coming at all.

  • GASP! That whole episode was filled with GASP!s Figures as soon as I start feeling a little sympathy for Ralphie he goes and does something stupid and gets himself killed. Though, I wonder if he did do it. Ohhh I think Uncle Jun really did get a good knock on the head there. Ohh I love the gruesome-ness of it all. Am I sick?

  • I thought something might give with Ralphie, but the entire thing with his son totally lulled you into believing everything would be fine — at last for now.

  • Hey, I heard a rumor that this may be the Soprano’s last season. Something with Tony and that he really didn’t even wanna do this season. NOOOOOOOOOO! They can’t do this to us. I hope its not true.

  • It’s not the end of the show — he’s signed through next season.