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Seven is a great number

November 11, 2002
Seven is a great number

Seven years ago, on November 11th, 1995, my wife, Kim, moved in with me. After a whirlwind romance of about two months, we decided to take a deep breath and take the plunge.

Let me backtrack a bit, though, for some history. About a year earlier, Kim and I “met” in an online roleplaying game called Gemstone III. At the time, it was only available on the old text-only network named GEnie, run by General Electric. GEnie was a fun place — I was one of the sysops of the Religion and Philosophy RT, and I made a number of very good friends in my time there, some who still post here on the site, including Steph, Dave, the inimitable Jeff and the irascible Wildluck/Ken.

Kim and I became friends, as our characters were roughly at the same range of power, which resulted in our ending up together on hunting excursions. But that was it, just friends.

During the summer of ’95, a contingent of Jersey Gemstone players — including Kim — began to pester me to come to some outings; things like the Ren Faire, etc. For various reasons, I kept opting out, until Labor Day weekend. I made plans to meet Kim and one of her roommates, John, who also played in Gemstone, in the city for dinner.

When they arrived at my apartment, I opened the door as they were getting off the elevator, and my heart leapt. In an instant — I’m not bullshitting you folks — my heart was taken by Kim. I know it’s corny, what with all of the baggage that “love at first sight” carries with it, but it happened, and apparently, not just to me.

At dinner, Kim and I got into intense discussions, practically ignoring John (for which I still feel sort of bad, but he understood what was happening). I couldn’t believe the spark between us.

We saw each other a few more times that month before I moved; I lived in Manhattan, in a converted residential hotel, before moving up to Da Bronx.

Kim became a fixture at the new place, which was two floors of a three floor house. It was unbelievable, plain and simple. So, about two weeks into October, I asked her to move in with me. We’d already talked a little bit about it, but were thinking the following Spring. Neither of us wanted to wait.

So, on the weekend of November 11th, she moved in, aided and abetted by friends, including John and some friends from Gemstone.

We had our ups and downs that first year or so, as we compressed five years worth of relationship into one. Surprisingly, though, despite the difficulties, neither of us gave up on the relationship, something we’d both been wont to do prior to this — hell, I’d been married once already, and lived with someone else, and she’d lived with a few people, too. We both were set, somewhat, in our ways.

We got engaged in 1997 were married in 1999. Even though we’d been living together for almost four years at that point, our relationship grew even deeper, since we were now a family — albeit one of two people and two cats, but hey, you have to start somewhere.

I just want to say here how much I appreciate and love my wife. Through all the good and bad times over the past seven years, she’s never failed to show her love for me, and I want to let her know that I can’t wait to last seven times as long as the time we’ve already been together.

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