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R.I.P. Peg Phillips

November 13, 2002
R.I.P. Peg Phillips

Some folks might be scratching their heads over who Peg Phillips might happen to be.

If you watched, as I did, the wonderful television show Northern Exposure, you knew her as Ruth-Anne, owner of the town’s general store, who had the wisdom of the ages.

One of the great television moments for me came in an episode of this show, when Ruth-Anne was turning 75. Ed, the director-wannabe, bought her a grave, since he had no other idea regarding what to buy the woman who had everything.

The final sequence of that episode showed Ruth-Anne and Ed dancing on her grave, which was as powerful a statement about life as I’ve ever seen filmed.

I extend my condolences to her family and friends. Found over at One Girl’s Life.

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