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A moment of silence, please

November 14, 2002
A moment of silence, please

Over on my friend Steph’s site, there’s only a page today mentioning the passing of Suz Dodd, who some folks who read this blog will remember as Fawn, one-time product manager for Gemstone III, an online RPG we used to play with regularity (and where Kim and I met, believe it or not).

Delving deeper on some of the sites of folks at the Mooville Conglomerate, I came across Bruce’s post saying that Suz died yesterday from cancer. I didn’t know she had been diagnosed with it, and am saddened at her passing.

Suz was a people-person, always willing to lend an ear, even if she couldn’t give you an answer to your liking regarding whatever it was you happened to be complaining about. When Kim and I made a brief return to Gemstone several years back, she enthusiastically welcomed us back in private messenging, as we’d been in the game back when only 50 people a night were playing it, as opposed to the thousands now active at any given time. We “grew up” in the Golden Age of the game when she had assumed the mantle of product manager, and she was a link to those days.

My condolences to the friends and family of Suz.