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6 Responses to Save the Sea Monkeys!

  • When he was a kid, Alex had the sea monkies that wouldn’t die. They kept breeding and breeding, and dying and dying. And the dead ones were piling up at the bottom of the container. It was pretty nasty. There really was no choice but to flush them when the pile at the bottom got a half inch deep.

  • i am a huge sea monkey fan, i can connect with the sea monkeys, i am known as ‘the sea monkey whisperer’ in my town. i am also known as ‘psychotic old hag’ but thats besides the point! i regulary take my sea monkeys to the town, they travel with me in my sea monkey watch! its so handy, because i can tell the time AND sing or talk to my precious sea monkeys. what an invention!!!! i agree that all sea monkeys should be saved as they mean the world to me, when i was 11 i was bullied for being a total freak, but the sea monkeys where there for me, spiritually and physcically, if only i could hug them…

  • I was searching the internet the other day for information on sea monkeys when i came across, wait for it … SEA MONKEY PORN. I was disgusted please save the sea monkeys from this unsensitive exploitation. I love my sea monkeys and my life would be would be not worth living please save the sea monkeys from being globally degraded, rebel against the atrosity that is sea monkey porn

  • I have come to the conclusion that in my past life i was a sea monkey, it would be impossible to connect with them in the way i do if i didn’t used to be one. Sea monkeys are more important than people for me, they are my friends if only it was legal to marry one. I wish i was sea monkey in my current life but i am unfortunately a “person”. I can only pray to the sea monkey god that he will make me a sea monkey in my next life. Please don’t let sea monkeys be forgotten, they will live forever!

  • get bent

  • Ahh, and yet another topic will be closed down and someone is banned. Gotta love these drive-by posts.