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Administrivia — blogrolling info

November 18, 2002
Administrivia — blogrolling info

For those who have me on their blogrolls, the correct URL to use so updates show up on your site courtesy of Blogrolling.com is:


If you have index.asp on the end of it, you can drop that, or, just use the simple Blogroll Me! code over near the top of the left column to replace the current entry.

Man, the best thing we did was donate to blogrolling.com. It’s so freakin’ easy to use! Folks who haven’t explored it, should give it a look-see. Link management was never so easy.

2 Responses to Administrivia — blogrolling info

  • Hey, I did that, and now you show up as “updated”! Kewl.

  • [buffs his nails on his collar] My work here is done.

    [Scott mounts his horse and begins riding out of town. As he makes it to the edge of town, a little girl can be heard calling out, “Preacher! Preacher!”]