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Good for McCain

November 19, 2002
Good for McCain

CNN.com – Democrats question items in homeland bill – Nov. 19, 2002

WASHINGTON (CNN) — The bill creating a Department of Homeland Security faced a new hurdle Tuesday following an announcement by Republican Sen. John McCain that he would side with Democrats on a key vote to strip seven “special-interest” provisions from the bill passed last week by the GOP-led House.

“I don’t support a process where the House of Representatives throws a major piece of legislation over to the Senate and says good-bye,” McCain said Monday.

McCain’s switch, as well as the uncertain votes of a handful of Democratic senators and independent Dean Barkley of Minnesota, left the bill’s passage in doubt.

The laundry list of shit the House Publicans added to the original 35 page bill has resulted in it growing to 484 pages in length. Check out the list in the article of the crap they want to add.

And Tom DeLay has the balls to call the Dems obstructionists? What a bunch of shit!

4 Responses to Good for McCain

  • All the liability protection provisions are so typical. Gods forbid anyone in this country should be expected to take responsibility for anything if something they do goes wrong.

  • totally have to agree with you on this one. Some of the stuff that’s in there now had me scratching my head as to what the heck it has to do with “homeland security”.

  • Explain to me how it is that:

    1. People should take responsibility for their deeds.
    2. Corporations are people legally.
    3. Corporations are not liable for their misdeeds.

    Yeah, right. And Socrates is a cat, too.

  • That was well put, Ginger. And, as we see, even with McCain’s help, it still passed.