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Umm . . . this is creepy

November 21, 2002
Umm . . . this is creepy

Now, Art Deco, in and of itself, spawned a lot of stylized work that I find attractive. Click on the link below, for example, to see what the Post Office is doing on a stamp.

The Postal Store

Kind of nice, isn’t it?

But then Hesiod posted this link as well.

Like I said at the beginning — Art Deco was a great style, one I’m very fond of, but there are some things that need to be looked at twice before using them. Like the stamp, for instance.

7 Responses to Umm . . . this is creepy

  • That was what I thought of as soon as I opened the stamp one, before I ever got to the second link. Freaky.

  • Certainly it’s nothing more than a coincidence.

    Yeh. Right.


  • At the risk of bursting everyone’s fascist conspiracy bubble, you could probably already find similar eagles on any number of federal buildings around the US. It’s no more significant that the US used such deco-style eagles just like the Nazis did than it is that a lot of WPA-era art portrays strong, proud farmers and factory workers just like the Stalinist artists did.

  • A very good point, Dave. Heck, I look uptown and see Rockefeller Center, which is nothing but art deco.

    Still, it gave me a shiver when I saw it.

  • The use of the eagle is nothing new or unusal, even the battle standards for the legions of Rome were topped with some style of eagle. It symbolizes courage, strength and power.

    The image of the stylized eagle rises once again in the logo for the new movie Star Trek: Nemesis. I saw the preview on TV last evening and it looks like it may be a winner plot-wise with starship battles galore for good measure.

    If you have not seen the previews, they can be seen here:
    Star Trek: Nemesis

  • I think the point was that some thought should be given to how things look, not that it was purposely chosen.

  • I will have nightmares from this. Too creepy…