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Packed tighter than sardines

December 2, 2002
Packed tighter than sardines

NY Daily News – World and National Report – Disco fire kills 47 in Caracas

A lightning-quick blaze early yesterday at a jam-packed nightclub in Venezuela killed 47 revelers, who became trapped by flames with no emergency exit in sight.

The La Guajira discotheque in Caracas, measuring about 1,000 square feet, was filled with up to 400 people when the fire broke out near the entrance, officials said.

Let’s see, 1000 square feet is 40 feet by 25 feet. There were 400 people crammed into that space? How could this not be seen as a dangerous situation by club management?

They’re lucky only 47 died.

It appears that a bouncer may have contributed to the large amount of deaths, as he was trying to force people to pay their bills while the fire raged out of control. Yeah, that’s real swift.