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TIA: Make the White House listen to YOU

December 2, 2002
TIA: Make the White House listen to YOU

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Stop the Pentagon Plan to Mine our Private Lives

Contributed by the ACLU

In the last several days, media reports have revealed that a little-known Defense Department office is developing a computer system that would provide government officials with the ability to snoop into all aspects of our private lives without a search warrant or proof of criminal wrongdoing.

The Pentagon’s new Office of Information Awareness is building a system called “Total Information Awareness” that would effectively provide government officials with immediate access to our personal information: all of our communications (phone calls, emails and web searches), financial records, purchases, prescriptions, school records, medical records and travel history. Under this program, our entire lives would be catalogued and available to government officials.

Use the link above to send an email to the White House regarding your opposition to this initiative.

Found via LeanLeft.