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Wild applause

December 17, 2002
Wild applause

The Gamer’s Nook just passed its 1,000th comment in Moveable Type.

The lucky person?

Why, none other than that charming gentleman, Solonor!

I have no idea how many comments folks made back when I was using BlogWorks, but it was a lot. In roughly four months with Moveable Type, we have passed 450 posts on the ‘Nook, along with 1000 comments. Admittedly, some were on The Codex of Mythogenesis, which is my writing site wherein you can find my NaNoWriMo novel, A Dance of Shadows, but I’m counting them here, since they’re part of the metasite.

We’re approaching 500 combined posts, too! Pay no heed to this post number up above in the address bar; we’re still a few shy.

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