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8 Responses to Terminator 3 trailer

  • They are playing it with Two Towers as well. You wanna talk about a geekgasm? Imagine it on the big screen. All I needed was a new Hulk trailer to go with the T3 , X2, and Daredevil trailers and I would have had to clean my glasses from blinking away tears of geeky joy.

  • Hehehehe. Imagine if they’d played a Matrix trailer . . .

  • Don’t tease a poor geek like that. I’m getting edgy waiting for that one.

  • I second that… I’m drooling over the new Matrix trailer.

    Is this T3 trailer the one with the hot metal liquid or does this have some actual content from the movie? I have a very slow network here @ work so I don’t want to waste the bandwidth for downloading my mp3s (*grin*) to view the liquid metal trailer again. 🙂

  • It has actual content from the movie, Dave.

  • Yeah, drooooool. They had to mop the floor after Two Towers.

  • A decade has passed since John Connor (Stahl) helped prevent Judgment Day and save mankind from mass destruction. Now 25, Connor lives “off the grid” – no home, no credit cards, no cell phone and no job. No record of his existence. No way he can be traced by Skynet – the highly developed network of machines that once tried to kill him and wage war on humanity. Until… out of the shadows of the future steps the T-X (Loken), Skynet’s most sophisticated cyborg killing machine yet. Sent back through time to complete the job left unfinished by her predecessor, the T-1000, this machine is as relentless as her human guise is beautiful. Now Connor’s only hope for survival is the Terminator (Schwarzenegger), his mysterious former assassin. Together, they must triumph over the technologically superior T-X and forestall the looming threat of Judgment Day…or face the apocalypse and the fall of civilization as we know it