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Bush screws with the military on pay

December 23, 2002
Bush screws with the military on pay

Hmm, I thought the Shrub was all about giving the military a raise? And this, in the year of the biggest rise in defense spendings since Reagan?

European and Pacific Stars & Stripes

Troops serving overseas reacted with heat, exasperation and occasional laissez-faire to the news that bureaucrats back home want to roll back their 2004 pay raises.

Or there’s this:

I do not presume to speak for the military, but I am now speaking to them,” Cheney said. “To all of our men and women in uniform, and to their parents and families: Help is on the way!” – during the ’00 campaign

As Hesiod says, this is in order to pay for the tax cuts for its rich donors.

3 Responses to Bush screws with the military on pay

  • Having been in the Army for 8 years, I know the feeling.

    Just to put this in perspective if you are a Sergeant (E-5), Staff Sergeant (E-6)(maybe by now), or below in the Army, you QUALIFY FOR FOOD STAMPS!

    Its a sad, sad thing to think after being in the Army for 8 years you still qualify for government assistance.

  • Yeah, it is sad, especially considering these men and women are going into harm’s way, soon, for these idiots.

  • First they screwed the veterans out of disability compensation (if they were also drawing retirement pay)and now this. They’re really sincere about supporting our military, aren’t they?