everything old is new again

4 Responses to What if other writers wrote Lord of the Rings?

  • Hah! Those are great!

  • Aren’t they, though? Those folks know their writers and can mimic them exceedingly well.

  • Oh, this stuff is Comedy Gold!

  • I loved the “He’s Guiding a Hobbit to Mordor” a la Led Zeppelin.
    The chipmunk one was clever, I can even hear their falsetto voices in my mind’s eye, er ear.
    And finally Babylon 5:
    Gandolf: It was the year of fire,
    Sauron: The year of destruction,
    Aragorn: The year we took back what was ours.
    Halidir: It was the year of rebirth,
    Frodo: The year of great sadness,
    Boromir: The year of pain,
    Eowen: And a year of joy.
    Aragorn: It was a new age.
    Galadrial: It was the end of history.
    Elrond: It was the year everything changed.
    Gollum: The year issss…the year I losstss my Preciousss again. Filthy Hobbitssses. Losssst!
    Treebeard: The… place…., Middle….. Earth

    ~Lord of the Babylon Rings. (or something)

    The only one missing I would have like to have seen is a spoof on Terry Pratchett/Discworld.