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500 days vacation, 0 memorials

April 28, 2004
500 days vacation, 0 memorials

That’s the Shrub’s compassionate conservatism for you.

I recall Clinton meeting planes of coffins. The Shrub’s met how many returning dead?

And to think the military thought they were getting someone who would “restore the dignity of the armed forces” when the Shrub was sElected.

The silence is deafening.

One Response to 500 days vacation, 0 memorials

  • 500 days? How long has he been in for now, 3 years? 3.5? so whats that… carry the 2… reticulate the splines… about 140 days a year off. 4 and a half months a year.

    He *did* use his latest one to hide from the million people marching on Washington though…

    he’s a little scum bucket. A scum bucket with flies.