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You have to admire totalitarian states

April 28, 2004
You have to admire totalitarian states

Really, you do. Some times the shit that comes out of state-run media is just so absurd, that you have to truly admire the chutzpah involved in doing so:

‘Train blast victims died saving leaders’ portraits’

In one of the stories of the dead told by KCNA – effectively the state’s mouthpiece – Han Jong-suk, 56, a teacher, saved the lives of seven children but died rescuing pictures of Kim Jong-il and his late father, Kim Il-sung.

Two other of the dead, Choe Yong-il and Jon Tong-sik, were on a lunch break but rushed back to work on hearing the explosion, according to KCNA. “They were buried under the collapsing building to die a heroic death when they were trying to come out with portraits of President Kim Il-sung and leader Kim Jong-il,” it said.

Though dead, Kim Il-sung is still considered head of state, with his son the official “dear leader” and “Great General”. Portraits of the two are mandatory fixtures in every home, office and factory in the hardline communist state of 23 million. All adults are required to wear lapel pins bearing images of one or both Kims.

The prison diaries of North Korean defectors refer to people imprisoned for accidentally defacing portraits of the Kims. Kim Jong-il, 62, inherited power upon his father’s death in 1994 in the communist world’s only case of hereditary succession.

The KCNA report, which went to claim that many people rescued the portraits before their family members, could not be independently verified.

If this weren’t a tragedy, it would be downright funny. Then again, this isn’t a far cry from what you might hear coming out of FOX News at times.

3 Responses to You have to admire totalitarian states

  • North Korea isn’t so much a nation, it’s a cult.

    Think David Koresh

    With nukes

    I don’t know about you, but I find that scary. The soviets may have had an awful lot of nukes pointing at us during the cold war, but at least they were sane and rational, and never used them.

    I’m not so sure about North Korea.

  • Good analogy, Tim. One more people need to remember.

    And I don’t believe any sort of missile defense shield is the answer.

  • Now that’s a Surprise! Kim Jong Il actually apologized for North Korea for conducting nuclear testing?!! He said he didn’t have plans to test anymore. Something just doesn’t sound right about that one.