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Back from the Walk

Back from the Walk

What an amazing day we’ve had so far. The Revlon Run/Walk for Women was wonderful. We met Kim’s oldest friend, Francesca, around 8:10, and after dropping off our packets, waited with 30,000 other people in Times Square for the start of the event. We saw Kristin Davis and others talking, but spent most of the time just chatting amongst ourselves. We made sure Kim got a pink Survivor hat, too, which she now feels really glad she got.

The actual start was fun, but we were way back from the beginning. An NBC boom-camera swung next to us as we passed the starting line, though, so we might have been on television. We also passed Jane Pauley at this point, along with local weatherman Joe Moreno (who’s not much taller than Jane). The walk, itself, wended up 7th Avenue to Central Park, and then through the park. We finished the whole thing in about an hour, and were then given a free lunch courtesy of Au Bon Pain.

All in all, a great experience, which we’ll be doing from now on. Francesca has pictures which hopefully turn out, which we’ll post when we get them.

It’s not too late to donate, too! Follow the link in this post and add to the list of $250 online I’ve raised, along with some offline cash. Thanks to everyone who donated — it’s appreciated!

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