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I and I in Antigua

I and I in Antigua

Howdy all, from some internet café near the docks in St. Johns, the port we’re docked in at Antigua. I don’t ever recall having such a great time in my life — the food is good, the booze is good, the islands are good, and the family is good.

Barbados was fun, St. Lucia was breathtaking, and Antigua’s been a blast. We’re off to St. Maarten tomorrow, and St. Thomas on Saturday before beginning the long trip home.

I’m debating never returning to the States; we’ll see if we can come up with a way to live down here…

No sunburns of horrendous magnitude to report, either. Just plain old bliss.

Tonight’s Caribbean night on the ship (the Golden Princess — go take a peek here), which probably means more rum punch…. Mmmm… rum punch….

Expect full blog posts and pictures when we return.