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Vacation wrap-up — Day 2 addendum

May 12, 2004
Vacation wrap-up — Day 2 addendum

Kim’s written up day 2 of our cruise — the Day at Sea, and done an admirable job of it. She’s also started the pictures page, which you can get to here.

We took a lot more photos, honest. They’ll start appearing with Barbados.

One thing Kim forgot to mention in her write-up was that dinner on Day 2 was a formal deal — Kim wore a beautiful powder blue gown and I wore a white dinner jacket. We didn’t get any of the formal photos taken of us that night, and we don’t have any in our camera, but there are probably dozens of us that were taken by other family members. We’ll make sure they get posted when we get them, of course.

I will say that my wife was the most beautiful woman on the ship that night (and every night, to be honest).