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Close to the Edge

May 13, 2004
Close to the Edge

Tonight we’ll be making a foray to Madison Square Garden to catch Yes on their 35th Anniversary tour. Reports from the shows have been pretty good, so I’m getting more and more psyched for tonight.

After all, what isn’t there to love about seeing Rick Wakeman?

Kim’s brother, Alex, is in town today, as we’re taking him to the show as part of his 21st birthday present. He probably doesn’t even know the band’s music, but hey, this is what happens when you have a sister who’s thirteen years older than you.

Just wait until he sees his first Dead show with her in August down in Atlanta… the boy won’t know what hit him!

6 Responses to Close to the Edge

  • it was a great show when they played in CT two years ago. Enjoy!

  • Yes, or the Golden Girls?

    Sorry, I couldn’t resist. Have fun! I’m waiting for the Rush 30th Anniversary Tour, should Alex stay out of jail.

  • Between Fragile, The Yes Album and Close To The Edge I’m sure I wore my needle out with each release. Close to the Edge actually made it to 8-track! I hope you have a great time.

  • gttim — what happened with Lifeson, anyway (this is the Alex he’s referencing, btw — not Kim’s brother, but the guitarist for Rush)? I recall hearing something but can’t recall what it is.

  • ALex tried to rescue his drunken son from getting arrested New Years Eve. His son was doing the “I am a drunk rock star’s son” schtick. A female deputy ended up falling down a flight of stairs, and is trying to pin it on Alex. Sounds like everybody was in the wrong, to me.

    See Story.

  • Hey, I screwed up my link. See: