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My thanks, as well

May 14, 2004
My thanks, as well

Kim’s post thanking people who donated to her for the Revlon Run/Walk for Women reminds me that I haven’t publicly done this, either.

I raised a total of $270, $250 of which was online.

The following people deserve recognition for their donations:

Philip & Sonya
Jeff (the Nook’s own Jeff)
My sister Diane and her husband
Steve from Modulator
Carlos, Stacy & Kathy from my office.

Thanks, one and all. Between me and Kim, we raised over $700, and over $900 when Francesca, Kim’s friend who walked with us, is added in. The cause, as you all hopefully know, is one very near and dear to us, and anything we can do to help in the fight against cancer is a Good Thing.

Thanks, again.

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