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Ain’t no place I’d rather be

May 18, 2004
Ain’t no place I’d rather be

The Dead have put up some studio takes of songs they’re putting together for the tour this summer. I’ve downloaded Tennessee Jed so far, and it’s not bad. In fact, it doesn’t suck at all.

We have our Jones Beach and Saratoga tickets already, so we’re set with the reserved seats. Everything else will be lawn, so we’ll have no problems getting tickets.

Is it summer yet?

3 Responses to Ain’t no place I’d rather be

  • We got lawn for SPAC, not reserved. I asked for “anything” to guarantee we’d get something.

  • Still waiting to score a pavillion seat out here for Shoreline. Maybe I’m getting old, but I’ve been let down every time I’ve seen a show on the lawn in recent years. Sound is usually so muddy back there, I usually spend the first set moving around to compensate, and that’s no way to enjoy the show!

  • I haven’t had that problem, but I can see how it could be an issue. As long as I get in while the opening act is on, I can get close enough to the reserved seats that it doesn’t really make a difference. I guess it also depends on the size of the venue, though, and how many reserved seats there are between the lawn and the stage.