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And this is why we’ve lost Iraq . . .

May 20, 2004
And this is why we’ve lost Iraq . . .

. . . Not to mention the rest of the Arab world.


A picture released by ABC News May 19, 2004 shows a woman identified as Specialist Sabrina Harman posing over the body of detainee Manadel a-Jamadi in Abu Ghraib prison. According to testimony from Spc. Jason Kenner, obtained by ABC News, the man was brought to the prison by US Navy Seals in good health. Kenner said he saw extensive bruising on the detainee’s body when he was brought out of the showers, dead. Kenner says the body was packed in ice during a ‘battle’ between CIA (news – web sites) and military interrogators over who should dispose of the body. The Justice Department (news – web sites) opened an investigation into this death and four others today following a referral from the CIA. The photo was taken by Sgt. Charles Fredrick who in e-mails to his family has asked why the people responsible for the prisoner’s death were not being prosecuted in the same manner that he is.

Ooh, a dead detainee; that’s a great fucking reason to be grinning for the camera and giving a thumb’s up signal, you fucking idiot.

Hearts and minds continue to wither on the vine.

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7 Responses to And this is why we’ve lost Iraq . . .

  • Robert, why do you hate America so much?

  • As Scott has already mentioned:
    Do Not Feed the Energy Creature (DNFTEC)

    The comment author undermines himself by turning this into a personal attack. Ignore him.

  • Ab workouts.. Bah. I don’t understand everyone’s problem with the belly.

  • This is so sad, so disgusting, and it shows extremely poor judgment. Clearly the military lacks good leadership (and I include Rummy and Bush in that statement). Soldiers who participated in this unacceptable behavior have made all Americans look bad, and I’m angry about that. They should know better!

    Can you IMAGINE the uproar that would be going on if the tables were turned and Iraqi soldiers treated our soldiers this way? All of the hypocritical voices lecturing people about “the uproar over the uproar” would instead be screaming for more blood.

    If we’re going to hold ourselves out as representatives of democracy and justice, let’s “walk the walk”, shall we?

  • It boggles my mind to think that this piece of grinning garbage, with the thumbs up over the body, was actually loved by a mother, and perhaps kissed by a boyfriend. I hope she ends up where she belongs, with an abusive husband living in a trailer park. I hate trash. And if that makes me a liberal elitist, I will gladly wear that title.

  • I hope she ends up where she belongs, with an abusive husband living in a trailer park.

    Anger against her is very undersandable. But being the bleeding heart that I am, I never like to see one of either gender with an abusive partner. I’m hoping she sees the error in her ways and willingly does volunteer work for those who need it. Or something nice along those lines.

  • I’m with Tas on this, though I think jail time is appropriate.