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Vacation Day 4: addendum

May 20, 2004
Vacation Day 4: addendum

While writing up Day 4: St. Lucia, yesterday, I forgot some important pieces of information:

That night, at dinner, my Mom, having hurt her back somehow during the day, had to go see the ship’s doctor. She was given muscle relaxers, and was pretty much out of commission until Saturday. It put a damper on things, as everyone was feeling bad having such a wonderful time while she was laid up in her cabin.

The other piece I forgot was that Day 4, which was Wednesday, saw me and Kim attending another shipboard wine-tasting — this one upscale. Over the course of the hour (late afternoon), we sampled a number of delicious wines, and ended with a sample of the . . . 2002? . . . Opus 1, which goes for about $150 a bottle.

Oh. My. God.

My wine sensibilities have grown over the past few years, so I was truly able to enjoy this wine, understanding completely why it’s so highly regarded. If I had the money, we’d be in cases of it, it’s that good.

And as you can see, we really did maintain full days!