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On Giuliani

May 21, 2004
On Giuliani

Steve Gilliard has an enlightening post about the problems that arose from September 11th, and Giuliani’s culpability in them.

Most folks outside of NYC have no idea how reviled Rudy was before that fateful day. He was at the end of his term, and people were just ready for him to go. He then metamorphasized into this hero, and yet, he didn’t.

Read Steve’s piece and reflect on it. There’s a lot in there you wouldn’t know if you’re not in the City, so abandon partisan rhetoric and understand that what Steve’s writing here is pretty damned accurate.

3 Responses to On Giuliani

  • 9/11 did a remarkable job in refurbishing Giuliani’s personal rep, which, as I recall the marriage/divorce shenanigans at the time, was pretty low.

    As a non-NYCer, it’s difficult to explain how Giuliani was seen by those outside the city. He came across as a forceful, but feeling, leader — though that was more than a bit tarnished by the whole “let me stick around until the crisis is over” bit.

    Further than that it’s difficult to decipher without a Ouija Board to NYC politics — which (again, to an outsider) tend to be more personal and tribal than GOP/Dem partisan.

    Interesting article.

  • You don’t know the half of it. NYC politicians are pikers when compared to the state politicians.

  • And that’s on both sides of the fence.