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We’re better than this, right?

May 21, 2004
We’re better than this, right?

I’m beginning to think we’re not.

At least 37 people have died in US custody in Iraq and Afghanistan, Pentagon officials admitted on Friday.

While some have been classified as deaths from natural or undetermined causes, as many as 10 could be murder.

Several of those under investigation were found to have occurred before or during interrogation sessions.

At least two of the deaths occurred at Abu Ghraib, the Baghdad prison where US soldiers have been accused of beating and humiliating Iraqi inmates.

2 Responses to We’re better than this, right?

  • And, so far, nobody has publicly said as much as “oops”.

  • What is supposed to make us better than this is our dedication to transparent systems and accountability (now known as “treason”).

    We also had this quaint notion of “checks and balances” which was supposed to prevent this kind of thing from ever occuring. But our President has insisted he is not bound by these checks and balances, claiming the Supremes have no jurisdiction over Gitmo or Iraq and removing military agencies such as the JAG from their traditional meddlesome responsibilities.

    It’s not that we’re supposed to be better *people*, it’s that we’re supposed to have better laws. But we have a lawless president. And you see the result.