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Thank god it wasn’t Diana

May 26, 2004
Thank god it wasn’t Diana

Fantasia totally deserved to win this show from the outset — she’s as unique a talent as they’ve ever found, and she proved that just about every time she sang.

I’ll go see her live in a few years, once her Idol contract expires — expect the real fireworks to begin then. I don’t expect them to give her decent enough material; she’ll need to strike out on her own to truly explode.

She’s the Real Thing, folks.

2 Responses to Thank god it wasn’t Diana

  • I was thinking the same thing [about her material]. Looking at the absolute crap that Clarkson, Ruben, and Clay are singing, well….yeah.

  • I prolly would have been better for her not to win though. Now she going to be obligated to get locked into a long contract.

    With her talent, she would of had her pick on any record label.

    Ah well, it’s good for her either way I spose. She deserves it…