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Put the slice down and step away…

May 27, 2004
Put the slice down and step away…

Italy’s Pizza Polizia
02:00 AM May. 27, 2004 PT In America, everyone from the local pizzeria to international chains like Domino’s has their own idea of what makes a pizza delizioso. But in Italy, the Agriculture Ministry has defined exactly what constitutes an authentic Neapolitan pie. There is to be no deep dish (à la Chicago), no Hawaiian pizza with ham and pineapple, no monster-sized pies at all. The ministry issued strict guidelines Tuesday decreeing that true pizzas must be “easily foldable,” less than 14 inches in diameter and no thicker than 0.1 inches in the middle. Only three styles (Marinara, Margherita and extra-Margherita) shall be recognized as real. Any way you slice it, those Italians take their pizza seriously.

— Lewis Wallace

Guess we’ll have to have a new word for pizzas which do not meet this restrictive definition. Pissa? Pizzah?

To me this is closing the barn door after the horses have already escaped.

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5 Responses to Put the slice down and step away…

  • Well, that’s being misreported.

    The thing is that Italy has established a definition for pizza from Naples, much as they have “AOC” definitions for wines and other food products (balsamic vinegar, Parmesan cheese, prosciutto, etc.).

    It only applies to pizzas being sold as “authentic Neapolitan” pizza in Italy. For the rest of us, this does not apply.

    Can I get mine with ham and pineapple, please?

  • Hah! I’ve always said the only true pizza is plain pizza — if the Gods had meant for there to be others, they’d have created ’em that way!

    But then, I like lots of crap on my pizza, too…

  • Exactly what Brian said: the restrictions are for pizza that’s called Neapolitan.

    But hell, that sounds like a damn find pizza to me. I love a good Pizza Margherita.

    Then again, I also love garbage pie, keep the anchovies.

  • Hey, I didn’t know Bonaparte invented pizza…

  • In other news, the Burgermeister of the Bavarian town of Cheeseburg announced…..