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Judge rules Partial-Birth Abortion Ban unconstitutional

June 1, 2004
Judge rules Partial-Birth Abortion Ban unconstitutional

In what will surely lead to a bitter round of battles, a federal judge Tuesday declared the Partial-Birth Abortion Ban Act unconstitutional, saying the measure infringes on a woman’s right to choose.

Fantastic! How much do you want to bet that this sent Ashcroft and the Shrub into apoplectic seizures?

4 Responses to Judge rules Partial-Birth Abortion Ban unconstitutional

  • One can only hope!

  • If one were to be cynical, one could imagine Bush actually smiling over the ruling (I can’t ever imagine Ashcroft smiling), realizing that he has a further rallying cry for his more ardently social conservative supporters.

    I’m not actually that cynical, and I can well imagine Bush being unhappy about it for the obvious straightforward reasons. Karl Rove is probably smling, though.

  • Apoplectic seizures? Because one district judge in one district in California ruled against them?

    Maybe, I guess. If they also have apoplectic seizures over their eggs being runny at breakfast.

  • I really hope they do try and make this an issue. They have used single issue groups to help build the GOP coalition. I think if they push them too much, however, these issues can also tear the party apart. More people are concerned with jobs, the economy, and the war than this crap. I believe if people find the party is pandering too much to the religious right (or the NRA) and not helping others, they will not like it.