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The Shrub: War on Terror ‘like WWII’

June 2, 2004
The Shrub:  War on Terror ‘like WWII’

Now this is classic Rove:

President Bush has strongly defended the US-led war on terror, casting it as a struggle between freedom and tyranny similar to World War II.

In a speech to new air force officers, he said they were fighting the same war as those who battled the Nazis.

The war on terror, he said, resembles “the great clashes of the last century” between democracy and totalitarianism.

What an amazing piece of bullshit. The only similarity is that a surprise attack on the US started our involvement in ongoing wars. WWII was fought against totalitarian states; extreme Islamic fundamentalism was somewhat in charge in Afghanistan, but it paled compared to the military might of Germany, for instance. Iraq was an unconnected byproduct of the war, pushed on the US by the Chickenhawks who insisted it was important.

In the meantime, the real enemy — Al Qaeda — is not a totalitarian state, but rather a cellular organization with no firm location. They’re most assuredly not a country with millions of soldiers under arms, marching behind the flag of the country.

Yes, we’re in a clash of ideologies, but we’re not in a situation like WWII; we’re moving into uncharted territory, and for the Shrub to claim otherwise, just shows how much they’ll bloviate to retain their hold on the government. WWII was a Just War; this is anything but, seeing as it’s been warped from its initial goals. If anyone had asked me in October 2001 if bin Laden would still be alive and free in June 2004, I would have laughed at them.

Now? Well, you see the results.

It’s a mere five months from today until election.

One Response to The Shrub: War on Terror ‘like WWII’

  • That’s the thing. It is a war of Ideologies, not a war of lands. It’s a war where the lines are draw, not from the imaginary lines know as borders, but from what is perceived as the truth.

    They, and I use they in a generic and completely insensitive blanketing manner, believe America to be the enemy. It is what has been taught.

    You don’t change peoples minds by invading random countries. All that creates is more hate and hate is what started this whole mess in the first place. I hate to use the old cliche, but hatred besets hatred.

    It’s a battle of ideals and might isn’t gonna change a thing.

    It’s a battle of ideals and I hate to say, but I think the western world might be losing…