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Creep of the Millennium

June 4, 2004
Creep of the Millennium


LOS ANGELES – O.J. Simpson marked the 10th anniversary of his ex-wife’s death with a series of crass and hurtful comments about Nicole Brown Simpson, her family and the accusers of Kobe Bryant and Michael Jackson.

His outbursts ranged from anger at his slain ex-wife for not being around to help with the kids to a flippant remark that Fred Goldman – whose only son died next to Nicole – “got such opportunity from this with TV exposure.”

Gee, you fucking murderer — do you think that she’s not around because she just took off or something? Hmmm, maybe it’s because you fucking slit her throat? Did that ever enter your mind?

And hey, how’s that hunt for her murderer going?

Unfuckingbelievable, as I said above.

2 Responses to Creep of the Millennium

  • The most charitable interpretation is that an innocent Simpson’s been driven by bitterness beyond any reasonable level of civility or rationality.

    The least charitable interpretation is that he’s not only a brutal murderer but gets his sadistic kicks today lashing out at his victims, living and dead.

    I don’t know that I’d call him a “chump,” though. “Creep” certainly applies, in either case.

  • True. I may alter the title of the post.