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Oh, I forgot…

June 8, 2004
Oh, I forgot…

Congrats to the Tampa Bay Lightning for winning the Stanley Cup last night. Showing grit and skill, they outworked and outhustled the Calgary Flames to win the Finals by a goal.

Amazing stuff, and for those of who pooh-poohing a Tampa Bay/Calgary finals match-up, all I can say is you obviously don’t watch hockey. These were great games, deserving of the Cup Finals.

2 Responses to Oh, I forgot…

  • Yeah, Tampa is pretty stoked over this victory. Today they are having a parade to honor the local sports heroes. Parts of downtown Tampa will be closed to traffic this afternoon for this celebration.

    At the last game, the souvenir hawkers hedged their bets by having two batches of t-shirts made up because it was a toss-up as who would going to win. 🙂

  • Apparently, the Tampa Tribune hedges its bets, too. ;P